Buying & Selling

If you’ve spent more than five minutes hunting for a home in the greater Seattle area, you may feel like houses are being snatched from under your nose. Between the booming industries and geographical constraints of Western Washington, affordable housing has become a hot, and hard to come by, commodity. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Urban Land Institute released their annual report Emerging Trends in Real Estate for 2018 identifying Seattle as the #1 market to watch in overall real estate prospects. Zillow has ranked Seattle as the 3rd hottest housing market for 2018 using statistics like home values, unemployment rates, population growth, job openings, and income forecasts to calculate placement on their list. With more homeowners choosing to remain in their current homes and build equity rather than upgrade to a larger or newer home the available inventory of houses to purchase is at or near historic lows.

What do these market statistics mean for buyers in this market? They need a strong real estate team that will help them identify what is most important on the home wish list we all have. Whether the most important item is a large kitchen, the desired school district, a secluded backyard, or proximity to major commuting routes, the Pumma Properties Team works to prioritize what are must haves and what are negotiable, then we work tirelessly to find the properties that fit all the needs and deliver them to our clients before they disappear. Once a home is chosen, the Pumma Properties Team leverages market knowledge and years of experience regarding what to offer to make you the most desirable option to the seller while also protecting our clients’ best interests.

As for sellers in this market, we’ve all heard it’s a sellers market. But the scary part and what may be holding many back from listing their home is the fear of not being able to find a new home once their current home is under contract. You may want to sell your home but are wondering what to do when you need to sell your current home first before purchasing your dream home and don’t want to spend a month or longer living in your in-laws guest room to make that happen. The Pumma Properties Team and our financing partners have solutions and options to create individualized strategies to keep our clients comfortable and reduce the stress involved in the complicated process of selling one home to be able to purchase a new one.